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Akinnike Michael

The impact of Covid19 on the ordinary Nigerian.

As a young man born in the early 90s, I grew up in a middle class home and i don’t think there are middle class again in Nigeria. There was lot of complaint from the adults about dictatorship, Freedom of speech, poor health care, poor education system, bad roads, fuel hike and lot of industrial actions.

Naira and Dollar DataVault Nigeria

I can recount how we will go to food vendor to buy 10 Naira beans and rice. A derica of rice was #80 and beans was #50. We could hardly spend #50 at a sitting. In Lagos then, there was #50 bike from Haruna to Gospel Crusader street(somewhere around Ifako-Ijaye), we bought Kerosene for #50 a bottle (close to a liter/ measured with star bottle) and I know our parents bought pepper for 3 metal lid (lambebe) for #100. Coaster biscuit with 6 pieces for #5. My parents bought our land where we live now #10,000 and house rent was around #2000. Yet many of our parents complained about how hard life is.

A lot of people do not know that corruption and nepotism have a bad effect on us all. The rich do not know that they have become more poorer in 10 years. The thieves do not consciously know he needs to steal more to be able to live but his instinct knows. The millions of yesterday are now the billions of today. All of us are a part of the decay. Public office holders padding, Private firms bribing and laundering, Government workers and uniform men dishonesty and bribery. Ordinary citizens are worse. We all are the cause of our poverty. Nigeria is in a state of comma.

Today’s reality shows no more #5 biscuit again. #50 T-fare to anywhere is null and void. The pepper you buy for #100 now #250. 1 paint plastic of Garri is now #1200. Rice is #450 /Derica tin. #1000 is worthless, yet our politicians keep squandering funds. The ordinary man cannot afford rent a house again. House rents starts from #5000. I can count about 10 people who are owing up to 2 years rent and have been given quit notice. Feeding is a huge problem for the common man. Dollars used to be changed at #120, now changed at around #400 at the parallel market. The rich will have to pay more on all cable or satellite TV because of the dwindling value of the Naira.Everyday ordinary Nigerians are losing their jobs as a result of the pandemic. Business owners and government don’t have money to pay more yet inflation ravage the land. The government doing so many things with no effect on the value of Naira.

The ordinary man is asking unanswered questions, am i a Nigerian? Am i part of the plan of the government? How do i survive tomorrow? Is there truly a future for me and my children? As the pandemic keep ravaging our country, let us know if government don’t do something fast and unemployment soar, then poverty will be abundant, crime will flourish, suicide will rise and illiteracy will be abundant. Beware!!!